Siri Fagernes

Siri Fagernes

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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Fagernes, Siri; Couch, Alva L. (2018). Resource-sharing among autonomous agents A comparative study of selfish versus altruistic behaviour. Service Oriented Computing and Applications . Vol. 12.

Fagernes, Siri; Grønli, Tor-Morten (2018). Navigation for Visually Impaired Using Haptic Feedback. Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Vol. 10902.

Biørn-Hansen, Andreas; Grønli, Tor-Morten; Fagernes, Siri (2018). Analysis of Feature-Completeness in Android Cross-Platform Frameworks. NIK: Norsk Informatikkonferanse .

Berget, Gerd; Fagernes, Siri (2018). “I’m not Stupid” - Attitudes Towards Adaptation Among People with Dyslexia. Kurosu, Masaaki (Red.). Human-Computer Interaction. Theories, Methods, and Human Issues. HCI 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10901. Kapittel. s. 237-247. Springer.

Shrestha, Vaskar; Fagernes, Siri (2017). Achieving Accessible Websites - A study of Design and Development Processes in NRK. NIK: Norsk Informatikkonferanse .

Lorentzen, Kristine Sundt; Fagernes, Siri; Grønli, Tor-Morten (2017). Adapted Sensor Data Visualization on a Smartphone: The Case of a Fire Emergency Rescue Application. NIK: Norsk Informatikkonferanse .

Gonzalez, Rolando; Fagerstrøm, Asle; Fagernes, Siri (2017). Enhancing Learning Through a Real-Life Assignment. Lee, Jacky Z. M. (Red.). Proceedings of The 2017 International Conference on Advanced Technologies Enhancing Education (ICAT2E 2017). Artikkel. s. 38-41. Atlantis Press.

Steen-Hansen, Linn; Fagernes, Siri (2016). The importance of process-oriented accessibility guidelines for web developers. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics . Vol. 229.

Fagernes, Siri; Couch, Alva L. (2016). Scalability and Information Exchange Among Autonomous Resource Management Agents. Badonnel, Remi; Koch, Robert; Pras, Aiko; Drašar, Martin; Stiller, Burkhard (Red.). Management and Security in the Age of Hyperconnectivity. Kapittel. s. 160-164. Springer.

Steen-Hansen, Linn; Fagernes, Siri (2015). Achieving Accessible Rich Internet Applications. NIK: Norsk Informatikkonferanse .

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